From Popular Science today: why doctors can’t give you LSD (and maybe they should)

Apr 16 2013

Why your doctor can’t give you LSD etc… by Pop Sci Mag

Fascinating read today over on popular science magazine site. Author is pretty reserved and made sure to stay within the law no matter how misguided the law in this case is. However, the article makes excellent points, including uncovering the over zealous history of the FDA and DEA in dealing with psychedelics. My take is that this is a must read for every anxiety sufferer who is looking for a better way. The author also includes valuable resources including Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and others who are trying to revive a lost art of trusting nature to provide solutions for natural problems. Only one critique of this article is that it failed to mention that naturally occurring mushrooms (the source of psilocybin) have been a source of nourishment and support in central and South America and west Africa for thousands of years. To this day people in these countries know to pick these mushrooms from the side of the road and ingest them whole. They know what comes next from improvement in mood and stamina to becoming better social beings etc…

I won’t go further. I have written before about psychedelics and their pharmaceutical properties in this blog. However the pop sci article avoids any and all medical jargon if it is not your thing.

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