The 3-STEP Integrative Approach to Autism PART 7: Introducing Strangers

Feb 01 2013

This post continues THE 3-STEP Integrative Approach to Autism series, developed over 18 years of research, experience and collaboration. Today Part 7: BEHAVIORAL requirements for growth: Introducing Strangers

Introducing Strangers into Your Child’s Life:

This same system applies to introducing any stranger, family or professional. Most professionals working with autistic children are well-intentioned passionate people. However, many of them are insensitive and unable to understand these issues on a personal level. They are mostly people who want to achieve results and are driven by a sense of accomplishment. The parents’ wisdom should be a contributing factor with how a professional approaches their child. This mode of gradualism should also be applied to professionals as well as family and friends. It is understood that the number of professionals should be kept to a bare minimum. In addition, no two strangers should be introduced at once. Only one stranger at a time!

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