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Psychotic DSMers won’t back down on narrowing autism definition

May 08 2012 Published by under Asperger's,Autism,Highly Sensitive Person

I just finished reading the article by the New York Times in which they interview a bunch of self appointed authority figures who decide what goes in the DSM-5 and what does not. here is the link before I go on with my rant cited article

The idea, for those who have not been following, is that the nation’s mainstream psychiatrists believe that autism diagnosis in its current form is too inclusive. They believe too many kids are being diagnosed with autism when in fact they are not. Their plan is to narrow the diagnosis in a way that excludes asperger’s, and other autistic individuals on the right end of the spectrum.

Of course they have the authoritative speak on their side and the studies that are sponsored by the special interest and implemented by modern day slaves posing as scientists. But at the heart of the matter is only one issue, insurance costs. The people revising the DSM are looking out for the interest of the insurance companies, not your child. Everybody knows that no state legislature is able to resist the parents’ push for including autism under insurance coverage. So the insurance companies took a sure fire road to counter these families, by lobbying the psychiatrists to say, that while autism should be covered by PPOs, most of these children are in fact not autistic and therefore out of luck. A complete travesty and it follows in a long line of decisions carried out by the mainstream medical community which are solely based on economic interests and corporate greed.

I frequently say that after being in the field for over 17 years, that there is little left that surprises me. Yet these types of decisions never fail to disgust and frustrate. As the old native American wisdom goes, only after all our natural resources are depleted that we will discover that we cannot eat money [I am paraphrasing].

Frank talk: in its essence autism is not a disease or a disorder, it is a personality. An extremely sensitive one but a personality nonetheless. Autistics are born extreme in their preferences and highly sensitive to low levels of strain. Now such a personality is bound to suffer in a world ruled by arbitrary authority that is not subject to any logic or reason. This suffering often manifests as physical and emotional conditions such as gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, difficulty expressing oneself and so forth. The concept of a clinical diagnosis is only needed in the post-modern, post-industrial materialistic world. In an ideal situation, an extreme personality would be accepted for what it is, an extreme personality.

However, while the psychotic mainstream psychiatrists are opting to narrow down the definition of autism to save money, the REAL evidence points to about 1 in 5 newborns who are in fact highly sensitive and extreme and should be placed on the sensitive portion of the personality spectrum. This is not part of the rant. There is solid evidence for that, and ironically most of comes from a group operating out of Harvard and led by Dr Jerome Kagan. Of course you will never see any mention of this overwhelming evidence in the DSM committee proceedings. Another reason for frustration but we live to fight another day.

My final thought for any parent reading this, try not to let your frustration seep into the household. this is because autistic kids pick up pretty quickly on their parents’ emotional state and a frustrated parent makes for a frustrated and gloomy autistic child.

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