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Introducing the non-invasive online screening tool for autism, asperger’s & ADHD

Apr 16 2011 Published by under Asperger's

Introducing the non-invasive online screening tool for autism, asperger’s & ADHD

Screening consists of 10 questions and can be easily completed in 2 minutes or less. Results and exact position on the spectrum are displayed immediately after you submit the results. This screening tool works for people of all ages, starting at 15 months of age. The tool works equally well for both genders.

How does the screening tool work?
1- Hit the appropriate link below depending on the age of the individual intending to take the test. The cut off between child and adult is around age 17. However, individual situations can vary as we all know.
2- You will be directed to the test home page where you can follow instructions necessary to take the test.
There are no user accounts or any other hurdles. The test is completely free and anonymous.
3- Please note that parents or guardians have to take the test for children younger than 13 years of age.
4- When you are done answering all 10 questions, click submit and you will get your own personalized result indicating your exact position on the spectrum.
5- Print the result page and share it with your doctor. It can be the perfect conversation opener to engage your doctor in an individualized manner. You can see a sample of the spectrum in an image below or here.
6- Keep a copy handy, and retake the test periodically (every 4-6 months). This is helpful in assessing your progress (and grading your healthcare provider!). These follow ups could potentially help you decide whether you need to change direction or alternatively keep down the same path.

Why this screening tool?
Most doctors today rely on clinical symptoms and diagnostic criteria to determine whether someone is autistic. However, the criteria used are very rigid and only give qualitative answers (yes or no). But the spectrum is much more dynamic than that. This screening tool on the other hand is quantitative. It details
the individual’s exact position on the spectrum down to the percentage of functionality compared to neurotypicals. This makes sense when you think of the spectrum for what it is: a gradient consisting of many degrees of functionality (and sensitivity). Each individual has her own degree of functionality that needs to be treated individually.
Additionally, this quantitative screening tool is crucially useful to monitor progress over time. You may print the results and retake the questionnaire after treatment or therapy etc… to get an accurate assessment of the effectiveness of such treatment.

How did Sovereign Research come up with this screening tool?
This screening tool has been years in the working. I (Rami) have been researching autism and sensitivity since 1995. I have been working as an Integrative Medicine consultant since 1998. Over the years, I developed a clear sense of the need for a QUANTITATIVE assessment of autism and asperger’s beyond the impotent and constraining criteria. I gathered about 150 relevant questions that were the product of my experiences
consulting with physicians over time. Once that matured, I worked closely with 5 clinics to eliminate the less relevant questions and develop more comprehensive answers for the relevant ones. After testing the potential questions exhaustively on several hundred patients, we were able to narrow the pool down to 10 questions that can capture the subject. After that I went to work with a statistician to create the right mathematical
algorithm that can translate the answers into degrees of functionality and sensitivity. Then the near-completed
version was tested clinically on some of the same patients and some new ones through my affiliated clinics until everyone was confident the system works. At that stage I contracted a web application developer to put this test on the website. The test will also be released as an android app very soon, and iphone app after that.

The resulting product is a major breakthrough by any standard. It is a necessary step toward personalized care for autistics, asperger’s and ADHD as individuals, as opposed to generic cases. Feel free to contact me with your questions, impressions and feedback regarding this tool. I can only make it better through your cooperation. Please note that I cannot give individual medical advice to the public. This is left to the partnership between patient and doctor. I can however help you with the test and any questions you have about it.

Please note that this questionnaire & results are for educational purposes only and do not replace a relationship with a healthcare provider. More importantly this screening tool does not aim to diagnose, treat or mitigate any disease, disorder or medical condition.

Rami Serhan, MD

Personality Spectrum TM as it appears on the results of autism screening tool

Sensitivity based Personality Spectrum, everyone according to their inherent character

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Do you want to do something about Autism Awareness Day? hint: you’ll get a free book in return guaranteed

Apr 01 2011 Published by under Asperger's

Do you want to do something about Autism Awareness Day?
It is real easy:
1- Go to this page:
2- Copy the profile image that says “Psyche-Smart Autism”, in reference to the autism awareness book.
3- Post the image on your facebook or blog profile for a week
4- Send me your address and I will mail you a signed book FREE once the hard copy comes out, which should be before the end of June.
You can send info to this email: please do not forget to include a link to your profile where the image has been posted.

Rami Serhan, MD

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