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Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks’ Dangers Are Cited

Oct 27 2010 Published by under Asperger's

The fact that something is legal doesn’t mean it is good for you. Of course there is no need to preach to college kids when it comes to alcohol and other intoxicants. No wait, you not only have to preach to them, but also to irresponsible corporations who will do anything for a profit.
Anyway this report is only the tip of the iceberg. There many other stimulants/downers that are used in combination endangering the unsuspecting public. The energy drinks industry is doing it, the supplement industry is doing it and the pharmaceutical industry is doing it.

Mixing adaptogens with sedative herbs is a known plague on the supplement industry. Additionally mixing amphetamines with anti-depressants is another dangerous practice by the pharmaceutical industry.

These practices are wide-spread. I am always told that these would all go away if the demand dwindled down. I disagree. Most people using such combos have no understanding of the health effects of their habits. They like the added control over their lives, and they neglect to research the longterm consequences.
If it feels good it must be good for you right? Sometimes but not in this case. As a general rule all stimulants and downers over-tax your resources. They borrow your future adaptation energy for today’s use. Over time this resource debt builds up until you run out of adaptation energy prematurely. I am writing this on my cell phone keyboard but you may contact me if interested in the scientific rundown of how this happens.
Rami Serhan

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For all you starbucks wifi enthusiasts, anyone can impersonate you on facebook while there

Oct 26 2010 Published by under Asperger's

Basically, if you are using a public wifi, your login is still protected but after the login, your accounts are vulnerable. Anyone on the same wifi can catch your IP address and access your facebook info, twitter followers and so on. The referenced article may help solve that problem but it takes some patience and computer savvy to implement. It works on all laptops except vista.

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Tomorrow 9 pm est tune in to comedy central for autism benefit Jon Stewart and numerous other comedians performin

Oct 20 2010 Published by under Asperger's

this is good news, really good news. Jon Stewart, the most prolific comedian of our generation is hosting an autism benefit on comedy central tomorrow thursday, october 21st, 2010 at 9:00 pm eastern standard time. Tune in to watch numerous comedians perform in addition to stewart.

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1 in 6 people worldwide are hungry and children’s numbers are more staggering: a power play or food shortage!

Oct 11 2010 Published by under Asperger's

What a shame. it breaks your heart to read these statistics mentioned causally in a news report on Reuters and not given much attention by almost anyone outside the toothless NGO aid agencies. Governments and the UN keep talking about progress and about improving the human condition. They keep talking of plans to limit human suffering by this date and that date, but the suffering is constantly on the rise.

The spread of AIDS in Africa, the lack of clean drinking water in half the world, the genocide in Darfur, hunger and especially child hunger, and on and on it goes. Wealthy, powerful males are shown constantly on TV praising their own efforts to end these types on unnecessary suffering and the reports keep coming back that suffering only increases as a result.

I don’t see how these problems are impossible to solve. We have obviously solved all of them in the western world (HIV getting there) and yet they seem to linger ever so dominantly in the rest of the world with no relief in sight.

This makes me wonder about the relationship between worldwide depravity and maintaining the grip on power by those currently holding it. My hypothesis is that to hold on to power and to strengthen your grip on it, you must be able to control people and neutralize them. It seems that power circles have figured out a few ways of doing that. Around here (US and the west in general), they make life so complicated that the individual is constantly lagging behind and is feeling the pressure of keeping up. They also tickle one’s desires and instincts constantly so one is forced to work ever harder and for bigger corporations to keep up an illusory standard of living based in hoarding more and more non-essential material belongings. When all this fails, they resort to fear and demoralization to keep th population subdued and neutralized. This way the people in power can stay in power and become ever more powerful and dominant.

In the rest of the world, where people cannot really vote to strip someone of their powers, the fear among power circles is that once populations become aware of how life could be, they are likely to revolt and deprive the powerful of the resources they rely upon to stay in power. So the power circles have resolved to build a wall of adversity that is impossible to overcome. this wall of adversity includes, hunger, disease, genocide, civil war, unrest, instability, lack of social and educational institutions and so forth. All this results in people perceiving themselves as powerless and unable to get out of their misery. They maybe resentful and looking for someone to blame for their misery but as long as they cannot overcome the adversity they face, they will be unable to recognize the injustice imposed upon them let alone do something to improve their living conditions.

The power circles know this quite well, and they know that it is not in their best interest to have resolve these world problems. They know that if some of this adversity is removed and the playing field is leveled then individuals will start thinking for themselves, start feeling empowered and start taking control of their own resources and putting them to work for their own interests and progress.

This is a nightmarish scenario for the power circles and they will not let it happen as long as they have a say in it. The only times when they do let it happen is when they centralize it and in-debt it to them. This was the way this country gained its actual independence from Britain in 1812. The Brits would not leave until they made sure of two things. This country is heavily indebted to them and that its local communities are powerless with the majority of power lying with a few people in Washington. Once that was accomplished they did not need to keep their red coats around. There was no point. A central government with a strong grip on power that is heavily indebted to the Brits is a much more effective domination tool than than the daily headaches of direct occupation.

it is sad but it is true and it does still carry plenty of benefits that occupation would have deprived this country of. But is there a better way you ask. Well of course but not in the prevailing power structure.

To have more equanimity in the whole world, you need a few essential components currently inaccessible:
1- Explore other planets for resources and living space – only a dream so far
2- Level the playing field for everyone who wants to be educated and to contribute to progress in science and technology on this planet to be able to do so unimpeded.
3- Empower local communities to rule themselves and find solutions to their own problems without the constant intervention by central/federal government. We came close in this country to that but no I don’t see it happening with most of the libertarians stuck up the mainstream authoritarian republican party’s buttocks.
4- Empower the individual, by freeing everyone of fear, demoralization, imposed (made-up) adversity, restriction of movement, disease, intolerance toward minorities… I don’t see that happening either in the current power structure worldwide.
5- And finally put organized religion in its place, the best method of emotional support and relief for those who need it; instead of its current central place where it dominates people’s minds and often leads to conflict and mass murder triggered by which which book your parents read for you as a kid. I don’t see that happening either since organized religion has a power structure no different from the political power structure of governments. The holders of this structure are not about to give it up any time soon.

I hope I did not bore you will all this theoretical talk. I just can’t help seeing the world the way it ought to be as opposed to the way it is now.

Remember, non-violence and pacifism, do not mean that you should let others walk all over you. These concepts only mean that you walk away from predators and instigators. Non-violence and pacifism don’t mean that you can’t defend yourself. They only means that you defend yourself in non-violent ways including sabotage, upstaging, superior intellectual achievement and similar methods.

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this is the image that shows the properties of women and men entrepreuners

Oct 10 2010 Published by under Asperger's

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Are Successful Women Entrepreneurs Different from Men? by J. Cohoon, Vivek Wadhwa, Lesa Mitchell

Oct 10 2010 Published by under Asperger's

This is an immensely enlightening abstract I came across this morning. This study demonstrates beyond any doubt that women and men who are successful in business, share the same qualities and character and personal history. Surprise, surprise we are all human, no matter what our gender is. It takes the qualities to succeed in business regardless of whether you are physically female or male. Quite the expected finding and society has yet to wash its pre-conceived ideas about this issue.
I have found the graphic below to be very revealing.

if the graphic does not show follow this link:

my website:
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Wireless body area network allows your body to send status updates to your cellphone – Engadget

Oct 10 2010 Published by under Asperger's

Quite the amazing type of progress. Few electrodes on your body and a radio tranmitter, send all vital data about you to a cellphone or a computer telling you how you doing in objective terms, and telling your doctor too if needed. The link has the original video and it’s quite interesting.

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Marijuana, Once Divisive, Brings Some Families Closer

Oct 09 2010 Published by under Asperger's

It is safe to say, everyone is doing it. Even older folks who raised a generation in avoiding ALL drugs. Read along, it’s an interesting ny times article.

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Another past Syphilis Experiment Is Revealed; but is this type of cruelty still being perpetrated today?

Oct 03 2010 Published by under Asperger's

This is an experiment from the 1940s where individuals in guatemala were purposely infected with syphillis to test the effectiveness of antibiotics. Yes you guessed it, the NIH financed the study and sent doctors over to conduct the study. While this is news that is over 55 years old, the concern to us today is that the mentality of the self-appointed medical establishment has not changed yet. They still think in very similar ways and treat people with the same disdain and disregard they always had.
It is scary to think that we put our health and lives every day in the hands of doctors who are compelled (& coerced if need be) to follow the authority figures opinions to the letter.
Many of us know the consequences the hard way. Many of us go to establishment doctors and never get better; only the bills grow. Many of us realize experientially that there is something wrong when my doctor pushes an ever increasing number of drugs on me as I seem to deteriorate or never feel an improvement in my condition.
I worked in the past alongside a very educated man who became diabetic at around age 52. Over the course of several years I saw him taking more medications, having more tests and procedures and consistently getting worse. Things got to the point where they started amputating his toes one every few months. All the meanwhile the poor guy was following his doctors orders to the letter. He took all medicines, followed all diet recommendations and showed up for every test, visit and procedure. The patient never thought there was something else he was missing. He was always impressed with the technology and order his doctor uses and he thought his non-improvement was solely his fault and that his doctor is tolerating his indiscretion. In fact this is what his doctor told him on every visit.

These are not universal observations. However, these are the observations of about 1 in 5 patients who visit mainstream doctors. This is about 20% of all Americans for whom the system simply does not work. Of course the establishment went on the offensive long time ago to quell this minority. They basically call us everything from neurotic to retarded, to imbeciles, to mental cases to “it’s all in your head” to “it is all your fault”… to all sorts of demeaning and demoralizing language that is meant to invalidate our experience. This is meant to make one feel that the problem is in me and with me and not in the system itself.
This is the sad state of affairs we suffer from today. Thankfully there are enlightened doctors and health care providers who understand the situation and who have successfully threaded themselves out of the system and operate independently to give patients the personalized care they deserve and need, devoid of judgment or extraneous doctrine. These are the wholistic doctors and the can be your average med school educated MD or DO or your less conventional naturopath, oriental med doctor, chiropractor and so forth.

Wholistic doctors don’t know more or less than conventional doctors. They simply look at the person as a person and not as a symptom. They typically spend hours (instead of minutes) with their patient to figure out each and every factor in their life that could impact their health. They then come up with a partnership plan where the doctor acts more like a cheerleader and advocate for the patient to take charge of her health. This partnership includes lifestyle modifications, referrals to other doctors for specific matters, various forms of therapy (spiritual, herbal, medical…). Meanwhile the wholistic doctor keeps track of the full picture so the pieces are always in one place no matter how many people are involved in the plan.

Like I always tell my clients, if the system works for you, then there is no point in dwelling on any of this. Take your pharmaceutical and be on your merry way. However, if you have a similar experience to what I described above, then it is incumbent upon you to explore alternate routs to optimal health other than the 5 minute visit culminating in a pharmaceutical drug prescribed.

Good Luck,

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