Consultations for corporations and institutions wanting to target and/or serve individuals on the autistic spectrum, autism, asperger, highly sensitive persons, hsp
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Explore the world of integrative medicine as it applies to Autism, asperger's and innate sensitivity. Explore the connections between the various biologic systems that form the autistic personality. Specifically explore the role of thyroid, hypothyroidism, stress, cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, estradiol, DHEA and other neurohormones in the emergence of the autistic spectrum.
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Sovereign Autism Research is dedicated to ensure the acceptance of autistics, asperger's and highly sensitive individuals in to the repertoire of healthy personalities in the american society.
Constitutional wellness with autism asperger and highly sensitive persons series
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Highly Sensitive individuals unite to share experiences and shorten the learning curves of the next generation
psyche-smart autism tm book
If you are looking for the book figures and tables, you can find them here