1- My child connects easily with strangers (children or adults): true false

2- During birthday parties, or other gatherings my child is at his/her best and happiest. true

3- Socially,
My child often attracts strangers of all ages
My child is fairly sociable but doesn't always show interest in strangers
My child is approachable, but his/her encounters with other children often come to a dead-end
My child rarely attracts the attention of strangers
My child hates being among other kids or adults. He/she cries constantly at parties an holds on
to me as tight as possible

4- No matter what my child’s troubles are a brief outing or any change of scenery over a few
hours and she/he is ready to take on the world again. true false  sometimes but not typically

5- My child frequently needs time alone.
practically none  few hours a months  few hours a week   few hours a day several days a week
My child is mostly house-bound and don't typically enjoy company of others

6- My child prefers activities involving substantial interaction with other kids. true false

7- My child gets along well with other kids. He/she can form alliances with minimal emotional
involvement. true false

8- In regards to self-confidence I'd say:
There is nothing my child can't do if she applied herself properly
My child has confidence in his/her abilities in certain areas but is aware of limitations in other
Criticism often makes my child feel inadequate
My child is largely lacking in self-confidence. My child is too sensitive to criticism and hopes
others don't notice his/her many shortcomings.

9- In regards to sensory stimulation:
My child can easily tune out background noise when he/she is focused on something else
My child can sometimes tune out background noise but not always
Background noise irritates my child but he/she can keep it under wraps
The least amount of background noise or repetitive sounds paralyses my child and renders
him/her ineffective at any task that requires use of his/her mind

10- in regards to mood;
My child is rarely in a high mood (frantic).
My child is frequently in a negative mood.
My child is frequently in a low & negative mood
My child is frequently in a high but irritable mood