Please answer the following questions and then click the RESULTS button at page end. Please
note that all questions relate to your current phase of life, typically the last few months to last
couple of years. Historic patterns are not relevant and including them will probably skew your

1-        I connect easily with strangers:
a-        True, yet I feel many people are intimidated by me
b-        True, and often form lasting, albeit superficial, connections
c-        It is not my cup of tea but I manage fine
d-        I seem to alienate people easily
e-        I try to avoid strangers, except when I am feeling a sense of mission
f-        false

2-        I typically find myself in the company of others. Being alone makes me sad & nervous:
a-        true
b-        I like company but sometimes I rather be reading a book instead
c-        true but it is not always easy to navigate
d-        I am at my best when I am home and completely alone
e-        I seem to always find time for people with whom I share a common ideal or purpose,
otherwise not so much
f-        What is the point, people don’t like me anyway

3- Socially,
a-        I can get any man/woman to notice me
b-        I often feel invisible in public
c-        It all depends on the context. In some situations I am the center of attention. In others
I am hardly visible.
d-        I am very sociable but don't always have the need to interact with strangers
e-        I am usually approachable, but I feel I had more than my fair share of awkward dead-
end conversations with strangers
f-        I avoid being alone in public, but when I have to be I rarely interact with anyone.

4-        No matter what my troubles are a brief outing on the town or any change of scenery
over a few hours and I am ready to take on the world again.
a-        True
b-        I have everything under control, thank you.
c-        False  
d-        usually but it is not always that simple
e-        sometimes, but on occasion I need time alone to get over my troubles
f-        I don’t pout over my problems, I go out and change my circumstances, no matter what

5- I need time alone to sort things out:
a-        practically never  
b-        only occasionally   
c-        few hours a week   
d-        few hours a day
e-        I am mostly house-bound and don't typically enjoy the company of others

6- I prefer professions involving substantial interaction with clients and coworkers.
a-        true
b-        I would not say prefer it, but can handle it
c-        false

7- I get along well with my associates at work. I can form alliances with minimal emotional
involvement. If you are currently unemployed, please answer based on your last job experience.
a-        True, I respect hierarchy and authority in general
b-        I detest hierarchy and organizations. I need to be / wish I am my own boss.
c-        I do, but often it makes me feel drained
d-        I try to please everyone around to avoid getting in trouble
e-        I have fumbled every hierarchy I have ever been in but I think I am finally getting it.
f-        False

8- In regards to my self-confidence I'd say:
a-        There is nothing I can't do if I applied myself properly
b-        I have confidence in my abilities in certain areas but I am aware of my limitations in
other areas.
c-        Criticism often makes me feel inadequate
d-        I am largely lacking in self-confidence.
e-        I am too sensitive to criticism and hope others don't notice my many shortcomings.

9- In regards to sensory stimulation:
a-        Background noise frequently, but not always, interferes with other tasks I am
b-        I can easily tune out background noise especially when I am focused on something else
c-        I hardly ever notice background noises
d-        I can for the most part tune out background noise but not always
e-        The least amount of background noise or repetitive sounds paralyze me and render me
ineffective at any task that requires me to use my mind
f-        Background noise irritates me but I can keep it under wraps

10- In regards to mood:
a-        It is very hard to put me in a high mood (frantic) or low mood (depressed) but I often
feel empty.
b-        I love stimulation and crave it often
c-        While my mood is often on the low & negative side, it largely depends on the
d-        I frequently find myself somewhat anxious and depressed. I am mostly comfortable only
in my safe living space.
e-        I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think most people find me gentle and pleasant.
f-        I frequently find myself in a high but irritable mood (frantic)