In my capacity as a medical consultant over the past 12 years, I work with wholistic and
mainstream providers to individualize treatments for sensitive and autistic individuals of all
ages. I had the unique opportunity to work with over 25,000 physicians on understanding the
needs of their sensitive and autistic patients and implementing treatment programs which sink
in with their constitution. I consult on autism, bio-identical hormones, gastroenterology,
wholistic and integrative medicine in general. I taught and I learned through these exchanges
more than any medicine textbook or medical school could teach anyone. Validating our lives
through the lives and hardships of other ordinary strangers is such an invaluable American
tradition. It has helped me handle and dispose of most of my psychological load. It has also
helped me gain broad insight into the experiences and hardships facing other sensitive
To inquire further or schedule a consult please use our

Rami J Serhan, MD
(206) 659-1ASD (273)
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Note: Consultations are
only open to health care
providers and healers.
Parents and public may
encourage their local doctor
to arrange for a
consultation. Or may join a
support group.

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